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LEIFELD Drywall-Mounting Blocks

LEIFELD Mounting Block
LEIFELD Mounting Block

Use the LEIFELD Mounting Block to simply and securely mount wall-elbows in drywall constructions. The damp resistant marine-ply ensures that wall-elbows remain torsion proof and secure while at the same time allowing fittings to be changed easily and quickly - even years later!

If you require a solution to mount double wall-elbows see this page - LEIFELD UniBlock

And, on this page, two further products (mild steel) for mounting wall-elbows in pairs - LEIFELD Mounts

Available as:
    - Part# 1285 for 153 mm
    - Part# 1284 for 100 mm
    - Part# 1286 for 80 mm

  • suitable for almost all wall-elbows with 40 mm centers
  • pre-drilled to secure a waste pipe using a threaded stud with a pipe-clamp
  • wall-elbows remain torsion proof and secure even years later!

LEIFELD Drywall-Mounting Blocks with 5 mm sound insulation sheet LEIFELD Installation Kit-SD

Available as:
    - Part# 1247 for 153 mm
    - Part# 1249 for 100 mm
    - Part# 1248 for 80 mm

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