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Bespoke Production Bespoke Production

LEIFELD Strap or EUROTIS CSST - we'll turn your ideas into reality. Whether you need 5000 pieces of LEIFELD Strap 400 mm long or 200 pipes in EUROTIS CSST DN20, 1200 mm long flanged and fitted with union nuts and gaskets, we'll make it happen!


  • production runs finished to meet customer specifications
  • fastening solutions developed to meet your demands
  • For example: Mounting brackets for own-brand products

Pre-built LEIFELD components

You need 150 LEIFELD SaniMounts 120 mm centers complete with a wall-elbows and fitting for waste-pipe or 30 LEIFELD MultiMounts
with pre-installed LEIFELD Sound-Shields on 153 mm centers? Discuss your requirements with us for a timely solution.


  • quick turnaround on ordered parts
  • reduce time spent on-site

The solution is usually as individual as the request - call us now on +49 5251 1363 0

Bespoke Production

Bespoke Production