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Used on its own or combined with the LEIFELD Strap the LEIFELD C-Profile is a multi-facetted product. Pipe-clamps can be easily fitted to the LEIFELD C-Profile without the need for special fittings, normal threaded studs or screws are all it takes!

Accessories are the LEIFELD C-Profile Brackets (Horizontal/Vertical) and for single-point mounting the LEIFELD C-Profile Wall-Plate.

  • no expensive special fittings needed
  • easily combined with the LEIFELD Strap
  • secure mounting solutions achievable both easily and quickly
  • LEIFELD C-Profil Protective Cap available to prevent injuries from sharp ends

Order - LEIFELD C-Profile    Order - LEIFELD C-Profile

Usage - LEIFELD C-Profile    Usage - LEIFELD C-Profile

Example Applications - LEIFELD C-Profile    Example Applications - LEIFELD C-Profile

Technical Data Sheet - download    Technical Data Sheet - download