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Dry-Wall - TraFLEX

TraFLEX Clamp

Mount sanitary and electrical fittings simply and securely in metal framed drywall constructions: LEIFELD TraFLEX Clamps, use with either LEIFELD Strap, LEIFELD C-Profile or C-Strap.

TraFLEX Traverse

The LEIFELD TraFLEX Traverse 570 mm or 1140 mm adds even more versatility. Use horizontally mounted in the drywall construction, retained by two LEIFELD TraFLEX Clamps. The LEIFELD TraFLEX Traverse 570 mm is for standard drywall constructions where the studs are on 625 mm to 652 mm centers. May also be vertically mounted between two horizontally mounted LEIFELD TraFLEX Traverses

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