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LEIFELD MultiMount

The LEIFELD MultiMount provides an easy method of mounting wall-angles at the standard sanitary dimensions of: 80, 100, 120, 153 or 160 mm (also angled at 45 degrees) on one single Mount, complete with pre-stamped datum marks on both sides.

Similar products for use in drywall constructions are the LEIFELD Mounting Blocks and the LEIFELD UniBlock.

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  Name Part# Category
12xx - LEIFELD MultiMount 12xx Mountings
170x - SaniMount 33 mm deep 170x Mountings
171x - SaniMount 50 mm deep 171x Mountings
17xx - SaniMount flat 17xx Mountings
1725 - LEIFELD SaniMount flat. Centers: 153 mm 1725 Mountings
172x - LEIFELD Unimount 172x Mountings
173x - LEIFELD JRG Sanipex Mount 173x Mountings
1800 - LEIFELD J-Profile M8 1800 Mountings

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